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Our theme this week is Fear of Change. Let’s admit it, we all at one time or another have feared change. Change is unknown and shakes up the stable ground we have been standing on. Worries can get the best of us as thoughts spiral in our heads and take us down rabbit holes. You know that never ending tunnel with many twists, never truly arriving at a final destination, and just finding more tunnels. Have you ever been caught in a rabbit hole because of your fear of change? Where does faith and trust come into this all? How might it help us through?  

I am reminded of a very old Life Cereal commercial about two brothers who see this different bowl of cereal at the table, and they push the bowl back and forth to each other saying, “I’m not going to try it, you try it.” They are fearful that it might not taste good because it looks nutritious. The bowl of cereal is new and different, and a change. So, they push the bowl over to their brother Mikey because he won’t eat anything and prove that it is not good and they should just keep eating what they always have been eating. But, guess what, “He likes it.” Here’s a link to the commercial

Fear of change can get in the way of trying new things and moving forward. I am so proud of this church for taking a leap of faith in Expand the Table as we try a new way of thinking about generosity. There are so many of you, like Mikey digging right into the bowl and enjoying the message and the vision and being renewed, and we are too!  We will never exactly know the future, which is all the more reason to lean into our faith and trust that God is with us, transforming us, supporting us and working through us to share the love of Christ through our message and actions.  

Please join us this Sunday, April 3 at 9 am and 10:30 am as we announce the progress that is being make with Expand the Table. This is a day that we would like to challenge each of us to take a big step in fulfilling our Expand the Table commitments. For many who are sacrificing stored resources or saving, we’d encourage you to give those on this day to help us make huge progress in our initiatives as we role into this first phase of Expand the Table.  

If you haven’t gotten a chance to get your commitment in yet, we hope you can get it in this week so we can include it in the totals for Sunday. You can fill out an online commitment card:   

Thanks for your faithfulness and trust in God’s work in this plan as we Expand the Table!!