Music, Worship & Arts

At Bethany Lutheran Church we glorify the Risen Christ in a variety of ways.  Our worship is based in traditional liturgy with Confession and Forgiveness, readings, Psalm, Gospel, Sermon, Apostles' Creed and the Lord's Prayer.  We celebrate Holy Communion each week and ALL are welcome to the table.  Our worship music is a celebration of the varied gifts God equips us with to serve.  We use a collective variety of instruments and musical arrangements along with visual liturgy and liturgical dance to help support the Word.  

Our congregation participates in so many parts of worship - acolyte, assisting minister, communion server, reader, usher, or part of our Vision Dancers.  Where are you called?


Bel Canto Ringers (high school - adults)
Bethany Adult Choir (high school - adults)
Youth Musicians (vocal, bells, instrumental)
Adult Musicians/Vocalists


Altar Care
Assisting Minister
Communion Bread
Communion Server
Sound System
Baptism Host


Bethany Arts Series fantastic concerts three times a year
Visual Liturgy
Musical Drama (youth)
Vision Dancers

Bethany Choir

Children's Drama - The Tale of Three Trees


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