Support My Good Idea (funding for you!)

The Bethany Lutheran Church Endowment Fund supports the church's mission:  "We reflect Christ in Message and Action." In doing so, we support and enhance new and existing ministries in the church and in the community.

We are a Mission Endowment Fund administered and supervised by the Bethany Lutheran Church Endowment Fund Board of Trustees, Crystal Lake, Illinois. We began our journey by supporting new or enhancing existing ministries of our church beyond the operation budget of our congregation. Then, we expanded our outreach mission to organizations outside of the church. 

What's your great idea? Let us help!

How to Apply

Bethany Lutheran Ministries (within the church)

Community Organizations (outside the church)

Past Ideas Funded 

Here are a few examples where we have offered support.

At Bethany Lutheran Church 

  • Covid-19 Sanitation & Preparedness
  • Scholarships for Seminary Students
  • Liturgical Dance Program
  • Hooks and Sticks Prayer Shawl Ministry
  • Drum Ministry
  • ELCA Youth Gathering

In the Community

  • Northern Illinois Food Bank Mobile Pantry

Another Seminarian Ordained

The endowment sponsors seminarian support for future Lutheran pastors. Pictured here is Felix Malpica, current pastor now serving in the ELCA.


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