Ripples of Generosity

One small change can have an enormous impact.

Accept the Challenge!  

Each week we are challenging people to extend an act of generosity. 

Week One - September 13-19.  Assemble a Lutheran World Relief Kit.  Click here for instructions.
Week Two - September 20-26.  Send thank you notes to someone who has been generous to you. Click here for instructions.
Week Three - September 27-October 3. Care for your neighborhood.  Click here for instructions.
Week Four - October 4-10.  Pay it forward! Pay for a stranger's food in the drive through.  Click here for instructions.
Week Five - October 11-17. Box of Sunshine.  Brighten up a neighbors day.  Click here for instructions. Click here for basket print outs.
Week Six - October 18-24. Turn in your pledge card. Click here for the online form.



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