What to Expect

New members of Bethany often remark that they joined our church because they immediately felt a warm welcome when they walked in our doors.  We hope that's the case for you as well!  

Before you come check us out, you may want to know a little bit about our congregation.  Here are a few common questions that you might have before visiting us.







What is a typical Bethany worship service like?  

Bethany is a traditional worshipping community. We have a deep love and passion for hymnody and liturgy, but we also like to be creative and inventive within the framework of our traditional services.  We place a high value on music, and our worship space features one of the best pipe organs in McHenry County!  If  you join us on a Sunday, you're likely to hear one of our many active choirs (Bethany Choir, Bell Choir, Sonshine Singers) as well as a Gospel-filled message from one of our pastors!

May I take communion if I'm just visiting?

Yes!  Bethany has an open communion policy.  We believe that the Communion Table is the Lord's Table and so we welcome all baptized persons to come and partake in the free gift of grace, the body and blood of Christ, which we receive in the bread and the wine. Baptized children are welcome to communion at the discretion of the parent(s).

What do people usually wear on Sunday?

People come to Bethany with clothes ranging from casual to formal.  You'll often see people in suits and ties talking with teenagers in their shorts and T-shirts!  We don't care what you wear; we'll just be glad you've come!

How long are your services?

We try hard to keep our services to about an hour, give or take a few minutes.  We will try to respect your time, but acknowledge that, in the end, we are all on God's time.

What kind of outreach or service opportunities does Bethany offer?

Bethany is proud of the work that we do in our community.  We are one of the sites for PADS - a local ministry that provides shelter and food for people experiencing homelessness during our cold midwest winters.  We also host and/or support other local ministries like Good Samaritan, the local food pantry, a community garden, and a host of other activities. Keep exploring our webpage to find out more!

What are some of the fellowship opportunities at Bethany?

Bethany offers fellowship opportunities for adults, seniors and youth. You can join our softball team, the Adventure Seekers group, sign up for mission trips or jump on a bus with our seniors to go catch a show. Visit us on a Sunday during our Fellowship/Coffee hour (10:00am), strike up a conversation and make some new friends! Fellowship activities can change on a weekly basis, so come visit us to find a good fit for you.

How do I become a member of Bethany?

First, let one of the pastors know you're interested, and then email the church office (FrontDesk@bethanylc.com) to let them know you would like to become a member.  Bethany periodically hosts new member classes.  Don't worry though - we aren't going to quiz you on Luther's Small Catechism!  Our classes are really just ways for us to meet you and introduce you to all the incredible things that God is doing through our congregation.


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