“Build us up, Lord… help us to share your love with the world” ELW #670 

When we come together to worship, we remember our common story and this story brings us together as one people. When much of our society focuses on individual values and concerns, the church makes the claim that we are a community in Christ. Coming together to worship brings our community together over time through trust, support, and encouragement. Christ’s message of love, hope, and forgiveness builds us up. It is a message everyone deserves to hear and needs to hear, especially, in this hurting world.

This Sunday we will be signing the hymn “Build Us Up, Lord” (see text below). As we bring our voices together we bring all of who we are, the best and the worst and everything of ourselves, and stand and call out to Christ knowing that we are made one through him. Christ is making us new and building us up to be more than we ever thought we could be. May we be inspired to give of ourselves in a world that deserves to know the Good News of Christ. The world may tear us down, but may we always remember that Christ builds us up. Amen.

In Christ, 

Pastor Cathy


Build Us Up, Lord

1    Build us up, Lord, build us up;

set in us a strong foundation.

Lead us to do your holy will;

form and shape your new creation.

Build us up, Lord, build us up;

as we guide and teach each other,

help us to share your love with the world:

ev'ry sister, ev'ry brother.



Growing in Christ, we plant seeds for the kingdom;

we follow in faith what's begun!

Lord, set in our hearts the pow'r of your word

to spread the news of your Son!


2    Build us up, Lord, build us up;

let our lives reflect your glory.

Cast away all our doubts and fears;

help us tell the world your story.

Build us up, Lord, build us up;

help us bear good fruit for you,

Lord, give us vision and keep us sure.

Grant us faith that's steadfast and true.   Refrain