October 13, 2019 Stewardship Talk


Good morning

As part of this year’s Stewardship Campaign, Pastor Cathy invited us to speak on WHY and HOW we are invested in Bethany Lutheran Church.


As to WHY

We believe our talents and treasures are given to us by God. Not just for our benefit, but to share with others. We’ve all worked hard in life to get where we are. We haven’t done it alone. We’ve all received help from others along the way, and especially from God. He has given us good health, among other blessings.

Investing in Bethany is one way to give back, and thank God.

Stewardship is a way to live the belief that ALL we have, and ALL we are, comes from and belongs to God.

We are also invested in Bethany because this congregation is like family to us.

The people here support and care about each other and share life’s ups and downs. Together, we pray and sing, laugh and cry, work and play… and hope.

There’s a lot of smiling, hugging, kind words, and handshaking going on here. We always leave church feeling better than when we came.

We share this wonderful Christian faith with which we are blessed.

And through it all, God is with us.

We are blessed to have pastors who challenge and encourage, and remind us to interact with the world in the context of our Christian faith… and to do so every day, not just on Sunday.


As to HOW Sue and I invest in Bethany…

It is by sharing our time, talents, and treasure. (I’m a little short on talent, but Sue more than makes up for that with hers.)

Specifically, both of us serve as

Ushers Greeters Evangelism Committee members Earthkeepers

Faithful Stewards and Pancake Preparers at the Johnny Appleseed breakfast.

Sue is also a reader, gives blood at the Blood Drive, is on the Stewardship Committee, and assists with Publicity for Bethany.

I am also a Church Council member, and a member of the Bethany Arts Series Committee.

There are many ways to give back and invest in Bethany. Please review the white volunteer opportunity sheet included in your Stewardship Brochure. And then indicate your areas of interest. You will meet some wonderful people as a Bethany volunteer, and you will experience what Jesus meant when he said, “It is in giving that you will receive.”

The white volunteer sheet also has a financial portion where you should indicate the amount you wish to give to Bethany, and whether you will donate electronically.

Sue and I also give to Bethany monetarily – by using the electronic Simply Giving option. In this way, our contribution is automatically deducted from our bank account, without the bother of writing checks. You can also modify the amount you give at any time, by contacting the church office.

Each Sunday, here at Bethany, we are reassured that our sins are forgiven, that God always loves us as we are, and that we are all welcome here. And, we share the love and support of this wonderful church family of ours.

Sue and I are very grateful for Bethany Lutheran Church… so, we invest!

Thank You All Very Much!