Send forth your Spirit and renew the face of the earth. (Ps. 104:30)

Sunday is the Festival of Pentecost. Originally a Jewish festival of thanksgiving for God’s gift of the Law to God’s people at Sinai; it became for the Christian community the occasion for the celebration of the gift of the Holy Spirit. It is the day we celebrate as Christ’s people who are called together in baptism to be created and re-created in relationship to God, to one another and to all creation.

The Spirit (the breath of God creating order out of chaos and bringing life to humankind) connects us to this creative love and gives us life in the here and now. God continues to breathe life into the world. We witness this creative activity in nature and in human ingenuity and innovation. The breath of God inspires (breathes into us) the power to love and serve our neighbor, and to care for God’s world.

This weekend is also Memorial Day Weekend where we remember those who have served our nation and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave up their breath so that others might breathe free.

The Holy Spirit’s gift of life and new creation is coming among us as we ready ourselves to call a new pastoral leader. A leader who has been called by the Holy Spirit to a positon of public leadership in Christ’s church and a leader who has been lifted up by the Holy Spirit through the congregation council to the people of God in this place.

The Spirit is blowing to bring creation and re-creation among us as we choose this leader through the guidance of the Holy Spirit to equip and lead the people of God in this place so that we might reflect Christ in message and actions in our daily life.

Come, Holy Spirit, Come!


Pr. Len