Wednesday Word

Pastor Cathy Daharsh

This Sunday is a special day where we will hear the stories of Mary and Martha, and Lazarus and Jesus told by our children and youth during our 9 & 10:45 am services. Ruth Ann Poppen, our Director of Worship and Music, with the assistance of Mike Bagby and others have practiced weekly as they learn stories from the Bible through drama and music.

Last week I got a sneak preview of their practice and I was in awe of the talented students we have in our congregation. I am grateful for all the extra time and effort Ruth Ann has put into this program which I believe strengthens our student’s faith and understanding of the Bible. This musical is a chance for our students to share their gifts, talents, leadership, and faith. It’s also a chance for us to learn and be inspired by God working through our children and youth as they share with us the Good News of Jesus Christ. You don’t want to miss it! Here’s a synopsis of the musical:

Forward by Tom Long and Allen Pote 

The stories of Mary and Martha in the gospel deal with issues that are instantly recognizable – family conflict, making time for Jesus in the midst of hectic lives, and trusting God when things get tough.  Any parent who has taken a long car ride with children in the back seat knows that the first issue is universal. Likewise, anyone today who goes to work, attends school, or watches the news has wrestled with the other two.  

 A long time ago, Jesus had a close circle of friends who came to believe he was “the Resurrection and the Life.” Today, it’s still possible to be one of those friends.  

Please join us this Sunday as we too have come to believe that Jesus is “the Resurrection and the Life.” Wherever you are in your life, I believe that coming together as a community of faith on a Sunday morning is an opportunity for us to renew our faith and to reminder that Jesus, through the work of the Holy Spirit, transforms us.  Through the waters of our baptism we have a place to “begin again” from the challenges, burdens, and regrets that weigh us down.

Blessings to you this week! I hope to see you on Sunday!!


Pr Cathy