Wait for the Lord, for with the Lord there is steadfast love. (Ps. 130:7)

In the film “Rudy” the main character is seeking entrance to Notre Dame University from Holy Cross College. His mentor is an older priest who sees Rudy sitting in the chapel. He asked Rudy how things are going and Rudy confides that he wonders if he has done enough or prayed hard enough to have his prayers to enter Notre Dame answered. The wise priest replies, “I sure that (praying hard enough) is not the problem, because prayer is something that we do in our time, and answers (to prayer) come in God’s time.”

This must be what the Psalmist has in mind as we are invited to “wait for the Lord”. 

Waiting is not something that we do very well, especially in our culture today. We now expect instant responses, whether is “fast” food; on-line orders delivered the next day (or better yet the same day.)

We desire instant success, instant fame, instant wealth, instant love, instant pretty much everything. We even want instant cures and we become impatient when diagnoses or treatments come too slowly or do not work quickly enough, or at all.

We want pastors to be replaced the day after one pastor leaves and no matter how quickly a call process goes, it never is quickly enough. However, as we have seen in our call process here at Bethany the Spirit works in marvelous ways bringing together a candidate and a congregation. I was reviewing Pr. Daharsh’s Rostered Leader Profile (RLP) and it was not even posted to the synods of her choice until February 4, 2015. We would not even known of her search for a call before our call committee was ready to be reviewing candidates and the synod was ready to identify candidates.

Our Psalmist reminds us then to wait for the Lord knowing that as we wait for God’s response to prayer, and as we wait for God’s action we trust that God has already acted as God has promised, because God’s love is steadfast. We count on it.


Pr. Len