You stilled the storm and silenced the waves of the sea. (Ps. 107:29)

When I lived in Wisconsin, our family decided to rent a pontoon boat and go for a leisurely boat ride on the lake. Everything was going fine when all of a sudden a dark bank of clouds began to roll in over the whole lake.

We were about 20 minutes from the dock and we began to go full throttle (5-7 miles per hour) toward our launching site. The clouds became more ominous and the winds began to pick up. Then the rain came harder and harder. We were chugging toward the dock. Little did we know at the time that one of the pontoons was taking on water and we were sinking slightly..

The boat owners were anxiously awaiting our return. I suspected that they were more concerned about their boat being returned than about our safety, but it could have been some of both. Fortunately, we made it back safely with no real damage.

This is just a small example of how the storms of life can blow up quickly in our lives. Sometimes they are explosive having festered for a long period of time. Sometimes storms come literally out of the blue with the suddenness of illness or death.ย 

Our Psalmist today points to a God who stills the storms and silences the waves. A God โ€“ our God โ€“ who steps into the midst of the sea and says, โ€œBe still and know that I am God.โ€ We have a loving and caring God who in Jesus Christ lived out the promises of the Psalmist by stilling the sea and calming the storm.ย 

This Jesus comes again and again into the darkness and storminess of our lives bringing calm and peace. He calls upon us to trust in his power and not our own. He invites us to place our confidence in his loving care and his power to still the storms of our lives.


Pr. Len