Pr. Cathy Daharsh

Mary and Martha. What if they worked as a team? 

Teamwork is in the news this week. The US Women’s Soccer team was amazing at the World Cup. Two years in a row they won the title. Winning two years in a row is not done with only skill, but commitment to every player on the team. Everyone was important. Everyone contributed. Everyone put the good of the team ahead of themselves and their personal glory. 

Sandra Bullock at the 2019 ESPY awards said this about teamwork, "A great team doesn't just unify its players, it unifies its staff, its fans, and all those who appreciate sport at its best. A great team builds culture and connection well beyond its run, and tonight we salute a collection of teams who have done just that." The US Women's Soccer team won the 2019 ESPY best team award . 

What if we looked at Mary and Martha as a team? I believe that Mary and Martha’s skill set and their personality is more than the quick description we hear in the story about them. But, Jesus makes a point about following him and Mary’s attention to hearing his teachings was what was needed in that moment. As with a team, you need all different kinds of players, certain skills and leadership to contribute to the  success of the team. I think that’s true when it comes to carrying for creation. We need a team of people who are ready to roll up their sleeves to get the job done, but we also need people who have patience to sit, listen and learn in order to act and speak on behalf of the earth.

We continue our theme of Communing with Creation and this week I have a little challenge for you.  Below is a list of 52 ways to care for creation from the Creation Justice Ministries blog. After reading the list of  ways to care for creation, I would like to challenge you to try at least one new way to care for creation. God has given us this beautiful earth. Let’s take time to enjoy it, care for it, and maintain it. Amen. 

Creation Justice Ministries (

1. Eat Those Leftovers! 

2. Research How Your Community Regulates Waste 

3: Wash Your Laundry in Cold Water

4. Do Your Dishes Less Often

5. Cut Your Shower Time by Five Minutes

6. Wait Until the Laundry Basket is Full to Wash

7. Air Dry Your Laundry

8. Change Light Bulbs to Eco-Friendly Types

9: Track Your Waste for a Week

10. Commit to Low or No Waste Grocery Shopping

11. Turn Off the Lights When Not in Use

12. Donate to a Faith-Based Organization that Promotes Creation Care

13. Observe World Water Day

14. Observe Earth Hour 

15. Start a Neighborhood Garden

16. Eat a Plant Based Meal or Meals with Ingredients from Local Farms

17. Observe Earth Day 

18. Explore Local Environmental Initiatives You Can Get Involved In

19. Use Green Cleaning Products

20. Buy a Plant for Your House 

21: Unplug Sockets From the Wall or Power Strip

22. Make Sure Electronics and Appliances are Off When They Are Not in Use.

23. Bring a Reusable Container for Leftovers to the Restaurant

24. Watch a Documentary on Creation Care

25. Use the Battery Saver Function on Your Phone and Computer

26. Contact Your Representative

27. Reuse. You Don't Have to Use an Item Just Once Right? 

28. Make Your Next Shopping Trip Green

29. Pick Up the Trash in Your Community

30. Read a Book Concerning Creation Care

31. Use Green Transportation 

32. Calculate Your Water Footprint

33. Use Gray Water

34. Spend Time Outside This Week

35. Check Your Car's Tire Pressure

36. Advocate for Environmental Justice

37. Try Composting at Home

38. Invest in Green Arts and Crafts Supplies

39. Track Your Use of Paper and Disposable Products 

40. Looking for a New Book? Check Out Your Local Library.

41. Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

42. Learn About the Indigenous People Who Used to Live On Your Land 

43. Evaluate Coffee Hour at Your Church or Place of Employment

44. Try Cooking One-Pot Meals 

45. Get Out and Vote

46. Invest in a Reusable Water Bottle

47. Work With Your Local Government to Sponsor a Recycling Event for Electronics 

        or Hazardous Waste

48. #OptOutdoors this Black Friday 

49. Check Cabinets for Expired Medicine and Properly Dispose of Them

50. Opt to Wrap Your Gifts in a Reusable Bag Instead of Wrapping Paper

51. Plan a Green Potluck

52. Make Your New Year Resolutions Green