Wednesday Words – Caring for Creation

July 10, 2019

Pastor Paul Cannon

Communion with Creation

On the Fourth of July, I found myself enjoying the spectacle of the fireworks with a small group of people gathered near me. Isaac had abandoned me, because although he was loving the fireworks display, he had found a friend to play with, making me yesterday’s news (does he already know how uncool I am?).

During all this, I turned to my phone, wanting to inform Kirstin (who was at home with Elin) that our four-year-old son is already acting like a teenager, when I realized that I was missing out on the awesome show while gluing myself into the phone. Putting it away in my pocket, I looked up, and realized half the people there were also on their phones, missing out on the dazzling explosions lighting up a perfect night sky.

That’s the life of a busy suburbanite. So distracted that we don’t pause to look.

That’s why starting on Sunday, we’ll be giving you a challenge: stop to watch the show going on all around you. Only this time, it’s not fireworks, it’s God’s creation.

Communion with Creation will be our summer theme as we head into the time of year where many of you will be traveling to various places across the country and the globe, taking in the sights that God has afforded each one of us.

You’ll be busy. We get it! There are places to go and people to see. BUT, we will be asking you to stop and take time to smell the roses (maybe metaphorically … maybe literally!). We want you to notice God’s incredible creation, maybe take a picture of it (according to the Communion with Creation Calendar) and post it to our Facebook page.

Yes, we’re busy, but we are never too busy to notice what God has done for us.

Take the challenge and see the graces that are all around us!