Third Week of Advent


KEY SCRIPTURE: Luke 1:46b-55


Mary’s Magnificat shows us deep and holy joy—joy that trusts God’s promises of restoration,

new beginnings, food for the hungry, and justice for the wronged. 

What does it look like to delight in God’s goodness? How do we respond to God’s work in the world with joy? How can we be singers of joy?



• In her artist statement for the painting, “Desert Blooms,” artist Lauren Wright Pittman

describes the desert as a place “often associated with desolation, scarcity, and death, but

it’s really a place of surprising, subversive beauty—a place of meeting the divine.” What does

subversive joy look like in spaces that are scarce of hope or full of despair?

• Read Luke 1:5-66. Underline each instance in the text where fear or joy are present. Where

in the interweaving birth stories of Jesus and John the Baptist are characters filled with

surprising joy to overcome their fear?