Conversation Corner will meet Wed. Oct. 28,  in the library from 7:00 - 8:30 PM. 

We will begin a new series, Making Sense of Scripture by David Lose. The discussion is an opportunity for us to think about the bible and how we might approach reading it. In the introduction of the series David Lose says, “Making Sense of Scripture, I should be clear, is not a book on the Bible, in the sense that it attempts to give you the major plot line of the Bible or to cover all the individual books or parts within it. Rather, it is a book about the Bible, explaining enough of the Bible’s history and nature to make it more accessible to you. Even more, Making Sense of Scripture is a book on how to read the Bible in the first place, and I hope and intend that it will give you confidence to explore the actual content and claims of the Bible on your own or in study with others.” Here’s a sample of one of the videos from the series.
We hope you can join us! Invite a friend. This series will be well worth your time. Each class will be designed to stand on its own, so come when you can. 
  • Wed. Oct. 28 - Introduction
  • Wed. Nov. 4 - Chapter 1: What Is the Bible?
  • Wed. Nov. 11 - Chapter 2: Is the Bible True?
  • Wed. Nov. 18 Chapter 3: How Is the Bible the Word of God?
  • Wed. Jan. 6 - Chapter 4: Where Did the Bible Come From?
  • Wed. Jan. 13 - Chapter 5: How Can I Read the Bible with Greater Understanding?
  • Wed. Jan. 20 - Chapter 6: Is There a “Center” to Scripture?
  • Wed. Jan. 27 - Chapter 7: What Kind of Authority Does the Bible Hold?
  • Wed. Feb. 3 Conclusion