YAGM is the short term we use to talk about Young Adults in Global Mission. It is pronounced as it looks โ€“ yahgum. The YAGMs commit a year to work in Mexico, serving in various jobs and at the same time learning about the richness of Mexican culture. As the missionary we sponsor, country coordinator Meghan Brown Saavedra, says in her March newsletter, they are learning the reality of what life is like in the interior of Mexico. In her newsletter, Meaghan describes taking the YAGMs to the Mexico border to have their tourist visas renewed. This is the yearly border immersion trip during which they observe and learn about immigration and refugee issues from the Mexican side and learn about the ELCA's involvement with immigration issues. In one of her prayer requests, Meaghan writes โ€œFor all of us caught up in societies of violence. That we refuse to accept it as inevitable, transforming this world into something one step closer to the Kingdom of Godโ€

If you wish to sponsor Meghan Brown Saavedra's work in Mexico for a week, please sign up on the bulletin board at Bethany.