After a recent comlication with fluid around the lungs, Carol is back out of the hospital - we are rejoicing.  Read the latest update. . . 

Moving Forward - inch by inch 

Happy Sunday evening! Kristin here. 

We are having just the greatest weekend at home! Yesterday cousin Kelly arrived for a surprise visit.(not a surprise for me - just the rest of the family) 😄 She will be with us visiting Carol until Tuesday. When we got home from the airport, Glenn was visiting so the three cousins had a wonderful time of reminiscing together. I have included pictures below of the three of them - one is when Glenn is giving Carol the perfect back massage in just the right spot. Then Anna came over for dinner to also be surprised by Kelly sitting in our living room. Pat made a gluten free lasagna for Carol - regular for the rest of us. It was a wonderful visiting day. 

Today was pampering spa day. After a walk outside, Carol came home to a lavender epsom bath followed by a pedicure/foot massage. Kelly and I soaked our feet too. Kelly is reading us Charlotte's  Web aloud - so enjoyable. Carol did her physical therapy exercises. Then we had a delicious beef tenderloin dinner ala Chef Pat. Now Kelly is giving Carol a back massage. Carol is purring. What a nice day! 

Carol has been making progress in eating and drinking. She's up to about 800 calories a day and has had more than 16oz of liquid today. At her last weigh in she had gained two pounds! Now weighing in is something to look forward to instead of something to dread.  Inch by inch she says. 

Thank you, Lord for:

> the company and fellowship of family - the joy of having people you've known your whole life - who you knew as kids - who you grew up with - with whom you have a common history. What a special relationship!

> for small gains in the eating and drinking - for Carol's determination to improve. 

> for lazy days filled with peace and calm - Your sunshine streaming in the windows...

We ask You for Your continued blessings for:

> Carol's body to strengthen and gain weight. 

> the absence of further complications - help nausea and lung tightness to vanish, lungs to stay clear, heart to stay strong and steady, weakness and tiredness to abate, walking to become steadier ...

> more days filled with Your contentment and peace. 

We praise Your name! In Jesus' name...