Day +36 Getting settled in... 
Journal entry by Randy Stubbs 
I am happy to say there has been nothing too dramatic to report the past few days. Mostly Carol, Marissa and I are getting settled in to new routines together. We have already had several appointments back at the hospital to check blood counts and lots of other things. Dan's cells are really doing a great job and multiplying better/faster than expected. Thanks Dan!

The usual concerns about breathing, eating enough, and walking are still present. We do not expect big dramatic changes on a daily basis at this point. This is a slow and steady journey. Some days are better than others, as many of you know.  read more. . .

1) We are managing life out of the hospital
2) No infections or major set-backs up to this point in time
3) Taste is returning, so eating is not just an exercise in chewing cardboard

Requests for:
1) Breathing and oxygen levels to improve so Carol can reduce dependency on the omnipresent POC (Personal Oxygen Concentrator)
2) Ability to increase quantity of food consumed during the day
3) Stamina and strength to increase distance walked (and less pain while doing that)

Thank you for continuing to accompany us on this journey.