Journal entry by Kristin Hillman —Update on Carol Stubbs

So remember I told you about her blood counts creeping up faster than normal? The staff was encouraged by 100 white blood cell count on Wednesday, 200 on Thursday and 300 on Friday. Well, guess what?! Saturday brought 600!  Wow! 

And today the count was 1600!!! Just amazing. So when the doctor came in today, he said things were going so well, that she can leave the hospital Tuesday or Wednesday! The planned discharge date was June 1st. Of course, it's best to not be in hospital because there are lots of nasty bugs there. So going home is the best!

So with the higher blood count the throat pain is indeed better. Nausea is the biggest problem now. This is the first time dealing with this - a blessing in itself. Something to pray about!

Otherwise Carol is in good spirits.  Anna spent Sunday visiting. I joined them later in the afternoon. Carol is still frustrated when the meds make her sleepy. Then we remind her sleepy is good - rest goes right along with healing. So hard to keep this woman resting! Lol

Oh, Father! You really know how to answer the prayers of your people! We praise Your name! Thank you for the management of pain.  Thank you for the smile on Carol's face. Thank you for the rapid increase of the WBC count. Thank you for the comfort You bring. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! We ask you now for your continued blessings for Carol. Please take away the nausea. Please increase her appetite. Please help her REST. Please smooth her transition to Anna's and the scheduling that goes with it. Please comfort her and give her Your peace.  In Jesus' name. Amen.