Christian Education

Christian education is a life-long pursuit, which is why at Bethany we are striving to provide you with as many youth and adult education opportunities as possible.  


Adult Education

Sunday Morning Bible Study
Sunday 9:00-10:00 in the Library

Monday Evening Theological Study - Monday Nights, 7-8:30pm in the Library

Wednesday Evening Conversation Corner
Wenesday Nights,
6:30-7:30 Library

Saturday Men's Bible Study
First Saturday of the month 8:30 Luther Hall

Sips & Scriptures  First & Third Saturday of the month  9:00- noon Location varies

Theology  on Tap  - First Thursday of the Month 7:30 pm  at Duke's Alehouse downtown Crystal Lake.

Sunday School

Register form for Sunday School

If you would like to sign your student up for Sunday School or have questions about Sunday School please contact
Sashire Ayares
or 815-459-2690 

 B.L.A.S.T.  Sunday School Program- Believers Learning And Serving Together

During “Rotation” themed learning units, kids will spend up to 4 weeks on various Bible story experiences.  Immersed in art, science, cooking, drama, music, Bible skills and games - our Sunday School students will be actively engaged each Sunday. 

Students start each Sunday in church.  The children will stay in worship through the child’s sermon then be excused together to go to the “BLAST Zone” (classrooms) until 10:10 or until church is over. Students are grouped by grouped by preschool, early elementary, and late elementary, middle school, high school.

BLAST Sundays:  To encourage our students to learn about worship, the sacraments, celebrations, and seasons in the church, students will remain in the sanctuary at the 9:00 worship on BLAST Sundays

BLAST Sunday Dates:
Nov. 6
Nov. 27
Dec. 18

Dec. 25 –10 am worship ONLY
Jan. 1 –   10 am worship ONLY


Feb. 19 
Mar. 26 
Apr. 16 –Easter Day- No Sunday School
May 21 –  Last Day of Sunday School



Registration form for Confirmation. 

If you would like to sign your Jr. High student up, or if you have questions about Confirmation please contact Pastor Paul (
or 815-459-2690 

Confirmation is open to all students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.

At Bethany, we think that Confirmation is the beginning of teenager’s faith journey—not the end.  Middle school youth are at a time in life where they are just starting to think critically about their faith.  A lot of them have questions about God, religion, life, and how it all fits together.  Our hope is that Confirmation can be a place where kids can ask those questions in a safe environment, knowing they will be loved and cared for. 

For this reason, our Confirmation process revolves around three main areas: building relationships, cultivating faith, and educating students on the basic tenants of Christianity and Lutheranism.

At the completion of the Confirmation program (spring of 8th grade), students are confirmed during the Affirmation of Baptism service, where they publicly profess their faith (even if it’s a work in progress) for the God who first loved them.